Friday, 24 October 2008

The Ashes Heroes Top 50

I've been reading Patrick Kidd's top 50 Ashes Heroes with great interest of late; it is serving as a great tool to provide me with some knowledge of cricketers whom I would not have necessarily known about previously.

Personally (growing up during the 1980-90's) I remember with great pleasure (as an Englishman) Ian Botham, Chris Broad, Jack Richards, Graham Dilley, Edmonds, DeFreitas, Gower and Athey; unfortunately all of these players herald from one particular series in 1986, since then and until 2005 there has been very little to cheer and many Australians stand out for their excellence. These include Terry Aldermand (he ripped us apart in 90/91), Mark Taylor, Steve Waugh, Bruce Reid, Mark Waugh, Allan Border, Marsh, Jones, Boon and Merv Hughes to name but a few. Below is the list currently being compiled by Patrick Kidd on his Line and Length Cricket Blog; if you want to talk about any unsung heroes or anyone that you feel should be remembered, post your list and lets discuss them (as they deserve and as great performers should be remembered by creating debate!).

Will Luke of The Corridor (a cricket blog) has also posted his Ashes top 10 on the line and length blog. Can you think of your top 10, which players really stand out for you?

The list Patrick has compiled to date is:

NO 34: Sydney Barnes
NO 35: Geoff Lawson
NO 36: Ray Lindwall
NO 37: Victor Trumper
NO 38: Bobby Peel
NO 39: Bob Simpson
NO 40: Alec Bedser
NO 41: Matthew Hayden
NO 42: Charlie Macartney
NO 43: Andrew Flintoff
NO 44: Bill O'Rielly
NO 45: Craig McDermott
NO 46: Frank Tyson
NO 47: Richie Benaud
NO 48: Chris Broad
NO 49: Ken Barrington
NO 50: Gary Pratt

Read Patrick Kidd's Top 50 here:
Will Luke's Ashes Top 10 here: