Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Umpire Bird Expects Warne Ashes Return

Legendary umpire Dickie Bird has told Chris Waters of the Yorkshire post, that he believes Australia will ask Shane Warne to come out of retirement in a bid to retain the ashes in 2009.

This comes in the immediate aftermath of Australia's 2-0 series defeat at the hands of India.

Bird told the Yorkshire post.

"I think Australia will be panicked into trying to bring back Shane Warne, and I think he will respond to the call," said Bird.

"I know that Shane has said he won't come out of retirement, but I think that he will change his mind and that the challenge of the Ashes will inspire him.

"I might be wrong but, deep down, I think Shane will have missed international cricket and that he would dearly love to play against England once more.

"I don't think there's any other way Australia can beat England, I really don't; their bowling attack isn't strong enough otherwise – there's only Brett Lee who is a really world-class bowler – and their only chance of winning the Ashes lies with Shane."

If Australia do call on Warne and as Bird predicts Warne rises to the challenge then it will only add to the magnificent spectacle that is the ashes. Warne is a larger than life character that will ignite any match, event or series.